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Purple Plus

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Mattress Size: Twin
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2" Purple Grid instantly conforms to your body for all-night comfort and support.Premium comfort foam adapts to shape and movement, isolates motion, and controls humidity. Foam support rails provide stable comfort when sitting on the bed’s edge. Cooling Cover is cool to the touch and breathable for better airflow

  • No Pressure® Support Our proprietary Purple Grid relieves pressure points while cradling your curves.

  • Comfortably Cool Sleeping is a breeze with technology designed to keep you cool. a. Purple Grid™ The Grid’s thousands of open air channels give you absolute airflow. b. Premium Comfort Foam Moves heat away from the body better than memory foam. c. Cooling Cover To top it all off, this breathable cover is cool to the touch.

  • Motion Isolation Putting disrupted sleep to rest, no matter how many times your partner shifts their position.