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Purple Restore Plus Firm

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Mattress Size: Twin XL
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Purple RestorePlus™ mattress gives you more targeted pressure relief and support with a zoned responsive coil core, along with a fortified coil edge paired with a thicker layer of the adaptive GelFlex® Grid and enhanced breathable foam layers so you can sleep through the night uninterrupted and comfortably cool.

  • Instantly adapts as you move: GelFlex® Grid immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust and move overnight

  • Balances temperature: GelFlex® Grid draws excess heat away, working with the coil core to help you sleep at the perfect temperature

  • Relieves pressure: Responsive coil core combines with adaptive comfort foam layers and the GelFlex® Grid for outstanding pressure relief

  • Supports: GelFlex® Grid and fortified edges work seamlessly with the edge-to-edge coils to provide amazing support

  • Trusted durability: Built to last night after night through GelFlex Grid's flexible yet strong hyper-elastic polymer material, enhanced edge support and durable coil

  • Stay fresh cover: Antimicrobial finish on the cover keeps the mattress fresh longer

  • Your perfect feel: Choose between soft and firm options featuring two different combinations of comfort and support layers that deliver two distinct feels for individual preference

  • Mattress ships in a box; please allow 48 hours for your mattress to fully expand after opening

  • State recycling fee may apply

  • Made in the USA