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We sell sleep, not just beds

The Sleep Store of Fort Collins is your source for waterbeds and waterbed accessories.

There are many advantages to purchasing a waterbed instead of a conventional bed. A waterbed conforms exactly to the body. Waterbeds remove pressure from the spine and allow the muscles around the spine to completely relax. If you are experiencing back pain, a waterbed might be the right sleep surface for you. Also, dead skin particles and dirt cannot penetrate the mattress. By occasionally wiping down the mattress and regularly washing the cover, the chance of triggering asthma, eczema and allergies are greatly reduced.

We carry a wide variety of accessories:

Water Conditioners

Waterbed Water Conditioner

Fill and Drain Kits

Waterbed Fill and Drain Kit


Waterbed Heaters

Mattress Massagers

Waterbed Mattress Massager


Waterbed Linens

Mattresses and Water Tubes

Water Tubes

All items subject to stock on hand and availability from vendors.
Please check with a team member or sales associate for availability.