Luxury Bedding Package 365 Day Sleep Trial

So you're shopping for a new mattress and you finally pick out that perfect mattress however you are unsure if you love it or not. The Sleep Store offers a great bundle to solve that problem. Our Luxury Bedding Package includes a 365 day sleep trial. What that means if you dont love your mattress bring it back in and exchange it for another mattress of equal value! On top of that you will also recieve 2 luxury pillows from our catalog, a set of luxury sheets and a mattress protector to ensure your mattress stays clean and does not void and warranites.

  • Luxury Mattress Protector

    Our mattress protector is essential to utilizing your mattress's warranty and to ensure you can exchange it for another mattress. Our mattress protectors are water proof and will keep anything from getting inside the mattress.

  • Luxury Sheets

    Our luxury sheets are the best we offer! The sheets are breathable to offer cooling comfort and have durable fibers. The sheets can be washed and are wrinkle resistent. Best of all say goodbye to the days of having to fix your sheets every morning, our sheets have straps to keep the sheets in place.

  • Luxury Pillows

    Picking out the right pillow is just as important as picking the mattress. Our pillows are of the highest quality and we offer a variety of options to ensure you can have the perfect set of pillows for your new bed.