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King Koil Smart Life Lendall

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Can one bed meet the needs of you and your partner no matter how your sleep positions and bodies change over time? The SmartLife Saffron mattress from King Koil Saffron can. At the heart of this unequaled sleep system are 80 patented body-sensing Smart Cells—with four zones on each side of the bed. Each continuously adjusts to your ideal levels of comfort and support—all controlled by the easy-to-use SmartLife App. To help you sleep even deeper and longer, a cool-to-the-touch surface and responsive, breathable memory foam comfort layer can lower your body temperature to ideal levels for rest.

Sleep Data: Track the quality of your sleep with the state-of-the-art app and daily SmartLife sleep score.

Relaxation Mode: Smart Cells can be set to gently pulse support in a comforting wave motion. Use this mode to help your body relax and ease into deep sleep. The alarm feature provides a gentle wakeup after a great night’s sleep.