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The Importance of Comfort

The feel and comfort levels of a mattress are crucial for a good night's sleep and overall well-being. The mattress's feel, whether firm, medium, or plush, determines the support and pressure relief it offers to different sleepers. Comfort preferences are highly individual, with firm mattresses being preferred by back and stomach sleepers for stability, while plush mattresses suit side sleepers by cushioning joints and reducing pressure points.

The right mattress feel and comfort level also contribute to proper spinal alignment, reducing aches and pains upon waking. Selecting a mattress that aligns with your comfort preferences can significantly improve sleep quality, benefiting your physical and mental health. Choosing the appropriate mattress feel and comfort level is an investment in better sleep, increased daytime energy, and an overall improved quality of life, tailored to your specific needs for restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Mattress Traits


What is it? How much your mattress compresses under the weight of your body.
How does it help? Effective mattress support can help alleviate typical sleep problems such as stiffness or persistent back discomfort by evenly distributing your body weight on the mattress and ensuring proper alignment of your joints and spine. It's crucial to discover the suitable support level that matches your preferred sleeping position. Various support options are offered for all types of mattresses. Firm support is ideal for individuals who sleep on their back or stomach, while those who sleep on their side or switch positions benefit from soft to medium support.

Pressure Relief

What is it? How your mattress conforms around your sleep position to provide targeted relief
How does it help? Effective pressure relief can ease discomfort, minimize restlessness, and enhance blood circulation by minimizing pressure points and adapting to your body's contours. Ensuring proper pressure relief is essential, especially if you experience any sleep-related problems, to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. All mattress varieties have the potential to offer pressure relief, and personally trying out different mattresses is an excellent way to determine which one suits your needs.


What is it? How cool the mattress feels to the touch and its ability to provide a cooler sleep environment.
How does it help? Equipped with cooling innovations, your mattress incorporates elements and materials designed to deliver a refreshing and comfortable night's rest. Consider seeking out this characteristic if you tend to become overly warm while sleeping. Mattresses featuring gel grids, cooling memory foam, and gel-infused memory foam are excellent choices for enhancing temperature regulation

Motion Seperation

What is it? How a mattress prevents motion on one side of the bed from impacting a sleeping partner.
How does it help? The aim of motion isolation is to isolate movements, effectively minimizing disturbances such as your partner shifting positions, thus allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep cycles and freedom of movement. Motion isolation is particularly beneficial for couples with varying sleep patterns or preferences. Foam mattresses excel in providing exceptional motion isolation.


What is it? How a mattress provides support, pressure relief, and comfort features over the course of its life.
How does it help? A mattress's longevity hinges on the caliber and assembly of its constituent materials, including foams and fabrics. Utilizing top-notch components heightens the probability that your mattress will retain its comfort over an extended period.

Mattress Types

Extra Firm

  • Extra firm mattresses offer an exceptionally sturdy sleeping surface with minimal give, delivering excellent support and promoting proper spinal alignment, especially for individuals who prefer sleeping on their back.


  • Firm mattresses are an excellent choice for individuals who sleep on their back or stomach and require a solid, stable, and supportive surface for a comfortable night's rest.


  • Medium mattresses offer a balanced option, fitting just right for back, side, and stomach sleepers who seek a middle-ground comfort level between firm and soft.


  • Plush or soft mattresses prioritize comfort, making them an excellent choice for side sleepers as they offer relief from joint pain and alleviate pressure points.

Ultra Plush

Ultra plush mattresses incorporate additional layers designed to gently cradle your body, providing a luxurious sinking sensation when you lie down.