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King Koil Respun Otto Tight Top Firm

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Mattress Size: Twin
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Each Re-Spun mattress is covered with EverJean post-consumer recycled denim — this is the shell for is what to come. It also gives us our signature look and is extremely durable. Our mission is to deliver you a better night’s rest while helping our planet. Good for you means good for nature, which is why we use several eco-friendly materials such as plant based foams, biodegradable steel coils and natural latex.

Graphite Talalay Latex

Graphite, a natural mineral, is infused with latex to enhance the resiliency and durability for pressure relieving comfort while helping wick away moisture and heat from your body for an optimal sleeping temperature surface

ReSpun Denim

Sleep better by knowing you are helping reduce waste and better the environment. Our partner, EverJean, is made of up to 50% post-consumer recycled denim which helps reduce both global waste production and our carbon footprint.

Flex-Core Coil System

100% recyclable, 3,000 glue-free encased steel coils are tightly spun for superior and durable support.