Sleep Awareness Month

Sleep Awareness Month

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March is designated as Sleep Awareness Month across the US. This month, The Sleep Store will be sharing valuable information on how to get better, deeper more restful sleep. There's a connection between health and sleep that can't be ignored. The benefits of quality sleep affects your health and overall well being. We want to kick off the month by saying getting your best sleep will help you be your best self.

If your currently struggling to sleep and zzzzzzz's are illusive, try these 6 small steps:

1. Get Outside - during the daytime hours, make sure to get outside in the bright sunshine or in bright light. Being in bright light helps your body with circadian rhythm. Aim for at least 10 minutes of sunlight or 15 to 20 minutes if it is overcast.

2. Exercise - move that beautiful body! Not only does exercise support you to feel tired at the end of the day, it releases endorphins that are feel good hormones. At minimum try to get 30 minutes of movement everyday. 

3. Eat Well - yes, the food you eat not only impacts how your body feels during the day, it also impacts your sleep. If you have a heavy meal right before bed, your body will be expending energy to break down the food. Try having smaller, lighter meals at the end of the day and avoid foods full of sugar. Sugar causes inflammation in the body and it's much harder to process.

4. Put Your Phone Down - I know, I know you want to check the scores of your favorite sports team, read another article or doom scroll social media. By doing this right before sleep, you not only rob yourself of a good night's sleep, you're borrowing from tomorrow's energy reserves. Studies have shown that using your phone up until bed time causes tossing and turning at night and less focus the next day. Give yourself the gift of putting your phone away at least a half hour before you retire for the day.

5. Create a Cozy Environment - find a soft, comfortable sheet set you love - we recommend Purple Sheets or the StaDry Dreamfit. Oooh la la! They're luxurious without the luxury price tag. Along with pajamas you like, remember different fabrics feel different on different people. Add blackout curtains or make sure you have a dark, cool room for sleep. If noises keep you up, consider adding a noise machine or fan. Use lavender or chamomile essential oils to promote relaxation.

6. Upgrade Your Mattress - you might be surprised to know that most people are keeping & passing down mattresses well beyond the recommended life span of the mattress.

If you wake up sore..

If you toss and turn all night...

If you wake up tired...

Look under the covers! It might be your old, worn out mattress to blame. 

Sleep impacts every area of your life. When you sleep better, you'll have more energy to accomplish better work, have more meaningful relationships and feel better. If you want to add an additional 10-15 quality years to your life, sleep is essential! In order to be your best self, you need your best sleep.




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