5 Questions to Consider Before Entering a Mattress Store

5 Questions to Consider Before Entering a Mattress Store

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Today is the day! You've put it off for long enough and your finally going to go shopping for a new mattress. You've determined that going in to a physical store where you can lay down and try out the mattress will be best for you. After all, you don't want to be the 1 in 3 customers trying to figure out how to ship a mattress back to an online store.

Here are 5 things to consider before entering the store.

1. What size mattress are you looking for?

Mattresses come in variety of sizes. The most common sizing are: 

Twin -  38in x 75in

Twin Extra Long - 38in x 80in

Full - 54in x 75in

Queen - 60in x 80in

King - 76in x 80in

Cal King - 72in x 84in

2. Where will the new bed go?

It's important to consider if the bed is for you going into your primary suite, or if it's for a guest room, a child's room or any other location you'd like to add a bed. Take the time to get measurements in order to know what size of mattress will fit your space. It will save you time & money if you know this information before entering a store.

3. Who will be sleeping on the bed?

If you're purchasing a mattress for you and your partner consider any specific needs either of you has. We recommend sending the pickiest partner first to scope out mattresses or shopping together to make the decision.  If it's for a child, consider how long you'd liked to the mattress to last them. For guests, you'll have to decide how long you'd like them to be comfortable staying.

4. When do you need the new bed?

If you need the bed today, make sure to tell your sales person up front that information. It will save you time and narrow down options. The Sleep Store carries a large variety of mattresses in stock, and some have to be ordered. If you're okay to wait a couple of weeks you will be able to choose any bed you like. 

5. What is your budget?

Mattresses like cars, come with many different options, features and price points. Consider how much money you'd like to invest with this purchase. At The Sleep Store of Fort Collins we are happy to be able to offer financing to our guests. This gives you the option to invest in a bed you love and keep more cash in your pocket. If you'd like to use the financing option, be sure to leave a little extra time for the application process. 

There are certainly more questions a sleep specialist will ask you in store, but this will give you a start. Be sure to share this information with your sleep specialist. When you know the answers to these questions mattress options will be narrowed down. It will help guide your experience in the store. We look forward to helping you find a great new sleep system!




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