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Convolution Queen Pillow

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Pillow Size: Standard/Queen
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Take full control of your sleep no matter your sleep style with a pillow that offers built-in versatility in the Convolution Pillow. The removable memory foam core is convoluted on one side to support back sleepers while the flat side is ideal for side sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper, remove the core altogether to get the ultra-plush support you need.

Luxurious Down Feel

Tiny microfibers are coated in gel so you can get the soft feel of a traditional down pillow without the uncomfortable quills or pesky allergens.

Customizable Comfort

Get the proper support for your head and neck no matter how you sleep with a pillow that offers three levels of comfort in one convenient pillow.

Breathable Cotton Cover

The soft, 100 percent pure cotton cover allows air to flow through the pillow, reducing heat buildup so you can sleep soundly every night.


74% of people sleep on their side, making this the most common sleep position. To help avoid neck and shoulder pain, try our shoulder cutout pillows. The recess comfortably fits your shoulder and aligns your spine so you wake up rejuvenated.


Considered one of the healthiest sleep positions, back sleepers can keep their neck, head, and spine in a more neutral position with the right pillow. Look for a mid-loft pillow that doesn't tilt your shoulders up or down too far for pain-free sleep.


Many stomach sleepers experience pain due to misalignment with the neck and spine. A low loft pillow is the best option for stomach sleepers and will help reduce neck strain throughout the night.