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Gel Microfiber Pillow

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Slip into luxurious sleep with a plush pillow designed to comfortably support your head and neck all night long without clumps. The Gelled Microfiber fill is a hypoallergenic alternative to down, so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about allergens or uncomfortable quills.

Consistently Soft

Tired of constantly fluffing your pillow? Our Gelled Microfiber fill maintains its shape over time so you can get great sleep without your pillow clumping.

Luxurious Down Feel

Tiny microfibers are coated in gel so you can get the soft feel of a traditional down pillow without the uncomfortable quills or pesky allergens.


Naturally resistant to dust mites and other harmful allergens that can disrupt your sleep, this pillow helps you get restorative sleep night after night.