Earth Day - King Koil Re-Spun

Earth Day - King Koil Re-Spun


As you start seeing the grass get greener, flowers bloom, trees bud and warmer days it's a reminder how important mother earth is. This year Earth Day is April 22, 2024 and you might be surprised to learn that King Koil is committed to preserving earth by keeping denim out of landfills. How does a mattress company do this? They've created Re-Spun, a line of mattresses that are covered with EverJean post-consumer recycled denim.

Every year an alarming 2.16 million metric ton of denim jeans is globally wasted and goes into the landfill. While 100% cotton denim will take around 1 year to decompose, the blended denim (polyester or nylon blends) can take anywhere from 40 to 200 years to decompose. It has become more common for jeans to be made with a blend, as it adds a stretch factor to the denim and is less expensive to produce.

The creation of EverJean gives the Re-Spun mattress the signature look and is extremely durable. This delivers a better night sleep to you and helps the planet. Good for you means good for nature, which is why the components of these mattresses are eco-friendly, biodegradable and natural. At  the end of these mattresses life, 90% of the components are recyclable.

Jeans to Yarn Recycling Process:

After shredding denim into fibers; these fibers are then cleaned and re-aligned in a "carding process" before being re-spun into new yarns.

This process benefits our environment by:

Saving water and energy.

Reduces our CO2 emission.

Reduces global waste and production.

Diminishes our carbon footprint.

We understand your love for mother Earth, but we also know that sharing a bed with plants might not be the best way to show it. Every component in a Re-Spun mattress is chosen to enhance your quality of sleep and help our present and future environment. Head down to the Sleep Store of Fort Collins to pick up your new sustainably crafted mattress today. 

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