5 Hidden Costs of Lack of Sleep

5 Hidden Costs of Lack of Sleep


You wake up tired after a restless night of sleep. Even though your bed begs for you stay a little longer, your waking life calls you to get up. You've got work to do and many people are relying on you. You pull yourself out of bed with a bit of a headache and the same pain in your back that's been plaguing you for months. As you move through your day, you begin to realize all the hidden costs that are associated with tossing and turning.

First, you realize how much your Relationships are suffering. You want to be the fun upbeat parent, but find yourself impatient and short with your kids. Your friends call you to go out and all you can think about is how much you'd rather be home. Date night is a thing of the past and you know your partner would love to spend time with you, but it just seems exhausting. At work, you make it through the day by having minimal conversations and interactions. This isn't like you. When you have energy people love and want to be around you, but your relationships are suffering because you feel exhausted.

Secondly, it's apparent how much your overall Health is suffering. You've packed on some lbs because during the day you crave high fat, high sugar, fast foods - and give in to these temptations. When you've got time to work out, you can't muster the will power. Your immune system isn't operating optimally and you feel a little bit crappy most of the time. You know when you've had a great night sleep how good you feel in your body - you can workout, eat a healthy diet and take on most challenges. When you're not sleeping well, it is costing you vitally, longevity and health. Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can increase the risk for obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, poor mental health and early death.

The third thing you notice is how much Time you're wasting. Mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed. You want to get out and seize the day, but gosh that sounds like a lot of work. Your lack of focus has you derailing down rabbit holes that end nowhere. Work is piling up because you keep getting behind. Once that pile is high, overwhelm hits you like a ton of bricks making you practically immobile. You want to be efficient and speedy, but it's like your walking through mud and all your movements are slow & you feel stuck.

The fourth hidden cost is your Happiness. Mood is highly affected by the quality and quantity of your sleep. You feel a little (or maybe a lot) like Eeyore. You're pessimistic, gloomy, depressed and hardly ever joyful. The restorative nature of sleep allows feel good hormones to be resupplied in your body as you sleep. Lack of sleep will hinder these replenishments and cause cortisol (stress hormone) to remain high in your body. 

Lastly, lack of sleep is costing you Money. When you haven't slept well, you don't have the capacity to perform at your best. This means, you will get overlooked during job promotions. Your confidence will suffer and you won't have the energy to go after a big dream. The ability that you have to be creative will be dull and any inspired ideas you have will lack follow through. You leave money on the table when you don't have the ability to be in good physical and mental conditions.

Lack of sleep in the United States is at an all time high. According to the CDC 1 in 3 adults don't get enough sleep each night.  When sleeplessness is sustained over a period of time their are significant costs associated with the deficit. Sometimes these symptoms are hidden, but very impactful to everyday life.

If you're fed up with the price you're paying  for sleep deprivation, come to The Sleep Store and one of our sleep specialist will help you find a sleep system that fits your needs. Stop tolerating lack of sleep, and start feeling your best!  Getting a great night sleep will be a game changer for you.

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